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The History of High Street Methodist Church


Witney has an extensive history with Methodism, from being a place that John Wesley visited many times, running it's own school, and having a balcony and pews, all of it's history has helped the church to be what it is today. Have an explore below to find out a little bit more about High Street Methodist Church.


"The congregation was both large and deeply attentive. This is such a people as I have not seen; so remarkably diligent in business, and at the same tie of so quiet a spirit, and so calm and civil in their behaviour"

16th January 1764 - John Wesley's Journal

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1796 Deed
Original Chapel
1850 New Chapel
1850 Chapel
High Street Methodist Church
Painting of street
Inside of the 1850 chapel
Stain Glass Window
Technical School Science Lab
Centenary Celebration
School Hall
Inside of Chapel
Inside of Chapel
1st October 1994
Start of development in 1994
1995 - last service
Removal of the Pews
High Street View
Church in school Upper Hall
Church in the school hall
Development Picture
A new High Street
Coffee bar development
No more balconies!
18th November 1995
18th November 1995
18th November 1995
150 Anniversary
High Street Methodist Church
Songs of Praise
Songs of Praise
Renovations to the Old School Building
Bethany room
Wesley centre opening
Wesley centre opening
Coffee Bar re-opening
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