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High Street Methodist Church Witney, is a church that stands firm on the belief that God made and loves every person, so that is what we want to do too! 


We want to be a church in which people will know the love of Jesus and will be serious about the mission he has given to us to make the world a better place. 

We would love it if you came along to meet us. If you do then you should expect to find friendship, love, worship and a real belief that Jesus died to save us and that God truly is an awesome God. If those words seem strange to you then why not come and explore why we believe what we do!

We are Christians who are part of the Methodist church. The Methodist church is a denomination of Christianity that was founded by John Wesley. If you are from Witney then the name Wesley may sound familiar to you, with numerous aspects of our town giving homage to the influence that Methodism has had over the centuries in Witney.

If you join us on a Sunday you should expect a mix of modern and new worship as well as some biblical teaching and preaching from our ministers and local preachers as we seek to grow in spirit and truth of what it means to be a follower of Jesus. You will also find smiles and the warmest of welcomes as we proudly declare that all are welcome. We know that God loves everyone, and that means we do too! As Christians we are so moved and grateful for Gods grace (unmerited favour) so we know as well as anyone that we all need a place where we can find forgiveness, peace and healing. In a world of people that are desperately trying to find a way to happiness, the truth of who they are and a life that makes them feel valued, we believe that it is in Jesus that our true identity is found. 

We are not just a church on Sundays though! Our building is busy 7 days a week with lots going on! We are not just a church building, but a building that is well used by the community of Witney. 

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